Richard Helms testifies before Congress ca. 1972

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was one of the most important spooks. Like BUSH, he is a member of the Skull and Bones secret society at Yale. Starting his career in the OSS, he later served as the CIA's deputy director of covert ops for many years, later becoming DCI 1966-1973. Worked with Nazis, a prime instigator of MK-ULTRA and CHAOS, a JFK conspirator, planned many coups, etc. etc. Before leaving CIA, he admitted before Congress to destroying countless secret documents detailing Agency crimes. His estimate was 80% of the most sensitive files were destroyed, including those on domestic spying, mind control experiments, bio-chemical warfare operations, etc.

In the wake of the scandals erupting from his testimony (and perjury) in the Church Hearings, President Nixon had no choice but fire him as DCI. However, Nixon immediately made him Ambassador to Iran. There he, SHACKLEY, and other CIA spooks helped create and train the dreaded SAVAK for his one-time university classmate, the Shah Reza Pahlavi. The Shah had been put in power by the CIA in a bloody coup engineered in Washington, DC, in part by Helms himself. The brutality of the Shah's reign, especially that of SAVAK, led directly to the mass religious uprising which swept him from power. Following the disastrous 1979 overthrow, helms retreated to the shadows, where he was a likely October Surprise conspirator.

In recent years the aging Helms has kept a low profile, save for some rather chalky remarks at the time of the curious death of his successor at the CIA, WILLIAM COLBY.