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navigational imagemap The accounts given below have been culled from a number of sources; when available, bibliographic information is given in each file. Almost all of the accounts are from persons living in Tibet. Due to the extreme personal danger inherent in divulging such information to foreigners, many of the individuals remain anonymous.

WARNING: The accounts below include graphic descriptions of human torture and abuses, some of it of a sexual nature. Children and adults who may find this material disturbing should exercise discretion.

 •    T E S T I M O N Y

Transcripts of depositions by Tibetan victims of Chinese abuse. From the report to the UN Secretary General by the International Commission of Jurists.

Statement No. 1: mass gang rapes, pets & livestock killed
Statement No. 2: forced sterilization, induced sexual dysfunction (both: male & female)
Statement No. 7: forced sterilizations (male & female)
Statement No. 11: torture (burning, nailings, beatings), hangings, mass drownings, imprisonment in bad conditions, misc. reprisals
Statement No. 36: forced sterilizations (male)

Torture In Eastern Tibet, 1962-1967
Personal eyewitness account of the Chinese use of torture in Tibet as told by a person who was "intimately connected with the Chinese machineries which inflicted them."

Secret Report of the Panchen Lama, 1962
This long-repressed report, only recently smuggled out of China, was submitted by the Panchen Lama to Zhou Enlai in May 1962. Predating the Cultural Revolution, the 120-page report gives details of systematic mass starvation, brutality, torture, baseless imprisonment, and a slew of other disturbing abuses. A very important document.

Victims of Torture
Testimony of Dr. Tenzin Choedrak before US Congress, 1996.

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