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TERROR IN TIBET:  A Human Rights Archive
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Samsara  is an archive of documents and reports from a variety of sources detailing human rights abuses committed against Tibetans by the occupying Chinese government. Related information is also included about human rights in China, Nepal, and India. The archive is provided as a free-access public information resource.

The archive was opened on March 10, 1997, the 38th anniversary of Tibet Uprising Day. It is designed and maintained on a volunteer basis by Spencer Sundell. This independent project is not sponsored by or aligned with any organization, NGO, or company.

This project came about as a result of my own search for information about human rights in Tibet. I found that while there are excellent online resources for such information, there has been no single library or nexus point through which to find it. I hope this will grow into just such a thing.

This archive contains writings, reports, images, and works by many individuals and organizations. In such instances, copyright is that of the author/publisher; no independent claim of copyright by this archive or its maintainer is intended or implied.

Currently, the archive is comprised mainly of links to materials on other sites. Eventually, this site will include additional documents, report excerpts, and accounts not currently available elsewhere on the Net.

Comments, suggestions, and corrections are always welcome.

Please feel free to send email any time.

Copyright 1997 Spencer Sundell

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