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The audio files here are in the Mpeg-3 (MP3) format (128 kbps constant, 44 kHz, joint stereo). All files, music, and ideas are copyright the credited artists unless specifically noted. All rights reserved and held in trust.


Khaib in Xibalba   (6:51)   6.43mb
Spencer Sundell [contact mic, handheld tape player, voice, fingers, effects]
Recorded live in the studio to analog cassette on April 12, 1994 at What, Chicago.

     To be played at maximum volume; herbal pre-treatment optional but recommended. Previously released on the limited edition cassette, Neuroma (Lobe Hatch, 1994). Reverb added during digital mastering in 1999.

experimental percussion & noise duo
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Garbageland   (4:04)   3.83mb
Douglas Walker [drums] ; Spencer Sundell [guitar, vocal] ; Jack Ilixi [bass]
Recorded live to analog cassette on February 27, 1989 at Club Lower Links, Chicago.

     Noise rock. Lyrics by Spencer Sundell. Previously released on the listen cassette (Lobe Hatch, 1989). In addition to various live recordings, that release also included the original, unedited soundtrack recording for the film Stagefright Chameleon, which was (poorly) recorded to 4-track cassette.

dernå (excerpt)   (2:59)   2.81mb
Douglas Walker [55 gallon drum, metal duct] ; Spencer Sundell [Army gas can]
Recorded live to analog cassette on January 29, 1990 at Club Lower Links, Chicago.

     Percussion jam. Previously released on the saturnine cassette (Lobe Hatch, 1990).

zimne   (7:01)   6.59mb
Douglas Walker [metal] ; Spencer Sundell [guitar]
Improvisation recorded live to DAT on January 13, 1991 at a construction site in Chicago.

     Percussion and feedback. Material from this session, combined with multi-track studio recordings done at the original Experimental Sound Studio location in Lakeview, comprised a finished but unreleased CD, disc. This particular piece was not included in the final master. It was previously released on a radio-only promotional cassette for the "Custom Guitars" concert at Club Lower Links on February 11, 1991 (featuring Henry Gwiazda, Jim O'Rourke, and Spencer Sundell).

2:3 (excerpt)   (5:02)   4.66mb
Douglas Walker [55 gallon drum] ; Spencer Sundell [Army gas can, guitar]
Recorded at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago, fall 1990. Produced by trondant shaman and Truss Murkin at Rax Trax, Chicago, winter 1990.

     Percussion and feedback. As previously released on the Arrhythmia II compilation (Charnel House, 1993). It is excerpted from a longer work originally recorded for the unreleased CD, disc.


My Government   (8:44)   8.21mb
Douglas Walker [drums, metal, electric clippers] ; Spencer Sundell [guitar, tapes, percusion] ; Dan Burke [sampler, amplified objects, shortwave radio]
Recorded live to DAT on March 24, 1991 at the Edge of the Lookingglass, Chicago.

     Taped vocal (and this piece's title) appropriated from a promotional flexi-disc released ca. 1989 by the Cleveland Performance Art Festival; original artist now unknown (with copious apologies to him). Music improvided by the ensemble. This version of the piece was digitally remastered in 1999 from a first-generation analog cassette copy. This entire Solid State set was released on a very limited edition cassette, In the Belly of the Beast (Lobe Hatch, 1991).

i 8 M
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Laan Kturrgl (Robitussin Stomp)   (3:57)   3.62mb
Recorded in 1999 at What, Seattle.
     Warning: you have exceeded the recommended daily dosage. A dark, loping waltz with mind control space aliens. Thanks and apologies to the obvious but uncredited artists whose work was appropraited.

Slaughterhouse 5 (headcheese mix)   (3:52)   3.64mb
Recorded in 1999 at What, Seattle.
     Jungle trip-hop on ayahuasca with a visit from Moroccan mountain gods. Vocal by Chuck Swaim.

Magic Man (Shake a Legba)   (4:05)   3.84mb
Recorded in 1999 at What, Seattle.
     Be careful what you wish for. And how you ask.

The Betsy Years
art rock

Blue Rondeaux   (3:17)   3.10mb
Liz Payne [bass, vocal] ; Mark Comiskey [guitar] ; Spencer Sundell [guitar] ; Colm O'Reilly [keyboards] ; Ben Raga [drums]
Demo recorded live to 4-track cassette by Mak Knighton, final mix to DAT by Spencer Sundell; Chicago, winter 1994.

     Song by Liz Payne, arrangement by the band. A later incarnation of the band recorded a new arrangement of this song at Kingsize Sound Laboratories for their eponymous CD (TimeCode Anus Bridgemix Records, 1996).

experimental d.j. mutations
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a demonstration of sounds   (8:50)   8.10mb
DJ Abevigoda, Mixmaster Boobs, Professor Doctor, i8M.
Recorded in 1998 at Gravelvoice Studios, Seattle.

     Drum and basement psychedelia. Lysergic smears of post-Beefheart jungle, satanic industrial Beatles, ancient chinese funk, merciless space music, and other wayward transmissions recombined into a fine whatsis. A demo-collage of several studio cuts-in-progress.

audio artist, improviser, and instrument inventor
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Veer   (3:51)   3.52 mb
Recorded in May 1998 by Robb Drinkwater & David Suycott at splinter group Audio Studio, Chicago.
     Textural solo improvisations with bow on the springboard. From the CD of improvised duets with vocalist Carol Genetti, Animus (Not In The Family Records, 1998).

Father Walters Anoints His Nostalgia With Frying Bacon   (2:28)   2.25 mb
Recorded in 1994 by Steve Barsotti at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago
     Rhythmic gamelan-like music, at once organic and industrial. A studio work using the springboard as the primary sound source, plus manipulated sampler, computer, effects, and radio. From the Dig This: A Benefit Compilation CD (Sweat Pea Records, 1995), benefiting the Doorjka theater company in Chicago, for whom this piece was originally created.

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