thickness all the way

S T A T I C   L U X U R Y   O B J E C T   

  it all came about because of a running joke during a drunken camping trip in 1998.  during an abduction that weekend, friendly aliens unwittingly encouraged the crazy scheme.  not long after returning from this trip, a night was spent recording snippets from our record collections while under the guidance of a magic genie who lives in a pipe.

these raw sound fragments were then digitized and edited by the group while in a trance-like state at gravelvoice studios in seattle, wa.  (static luxury object uses the tripleDAT digital sound editing suite exclusively.)  each took the board for select pieces, with everyone participating in the mix.

  l i s t e n :
      M P 3, 16-bit stereo  (8.6mb)
      RealAudio G2  (streaming)

the result was a group of 'songs' as mutated and inebriated as their doctors frankenstein.. Lysergic smears of post-beefheart jungle, satanic industrial beatles, ancient chinese funk, merciless space music, and other wayward transmissions.  an album's worth of material has been assembled and awaits final production while we attempt to interest labels in our uncategorizeable post-hop acid art mix-damage.

in the fall on 1998 we produced a demonstration of sounds, mixing a nine minute cut using excerpts from most of the pieces we assembled during the summer.

you can listen to streamed RealAudio and MP3 recordings of that demonstration of sounds courtesy of subliminal radio

d j   a b e v i g o d a

noted raconteur, archivist, cartoonist, graphic designer and dangerous beer-swilling member of climax golden twins.

m i x m a s t e r   b o o b s

hip chinese opera-addicted four-eyed savant, member of the climax golden twins. works in art galleries and record stores when not eating pepper-bacon and vodka.

p r o f e s s o r   d o c t o r

fifth beatle to the likes of the aforementioned twins, sun city girls, eyvind kang, amy denio, and other aliens. friend and confidante of shostakovich. often spotted swilling jolly rogers at gravelvoice in seattle, wa.

i   8   M

paranoid mixologist burnout, noisician, discredited doctor of psychotronics, prepared guitarist, and a formerly trondant shaman.

  static luxury object


        satanic industrial beatles,

        post-beefheart jungle,

        ancient chinese funk,

        merciless space music,

        and other lost transmissions

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