s  u  b  l  i  m  i  n  a  l  .  o  r  g
p o l i t i c s   &   c o m m u n i t y
Prima Facie
The Mug Book of Global Conspiracy
Tibetan human rights information
Tulsa Race Riot of 1921
A collection of links about the most lethal race riot in US history
Responsible Speech
Some thoughts on arts and censorship in Nazi Germany
a r t s   &   c u l t u r e
Eric Leonardson: Sound Thinking
Chicago-based audio artist, improvisor and experimental instrumentalist
Climax Golden Twins
Seattle experimental music group
Electroacoustic Music for the Flute
A searchable compendium of over 500 compositions
Miserable Music, 1916 – 1941
A streaming album of songs compiled from the Library of Congress [link repaired]
Subliminal Radio
Audio files for ear massage

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