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Ralph McGehee's CIABASE
Search this agent-turned-critic's massive bibliographic database, complete with his own annotations, bibliographae, etc. (This CIABASE simple search is hosted by Pink Noise Studios. It contains about 1/20th of the full database.)
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A similar bibliographic database, searchable by name and topic. Also hosts a number of noteworthy articles & essays.
NameBase Subtopics Index — very extensive
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n e w s

The Consortium
Thoroughly reliable, up-to-date, crypto-news by seasoned veterans. Huge free archives. A top-notch site.

Everything, but everything. Updated constantly. It's probably a grey op, but who cares?

Federation of Atomic Scientists:
Project on Government Secrecy
World Intelligence and Security Agencies
Other Resources

Pinochet On Trial -- A Special 'Documentary'
Extensive news archive on the British extradition trial from the Guardian/Observer (UK) daily newspapers. Requires free registration.

The Crimes of Augusto Pinochet  [ alternate link ]
Cases, original testimony, excerpts from books and reports, much more.

The Paper Trail (at ParaScope)
News and links for recent releases of documents and papers, and a "Documents Site of the Month".

m o n e y   c h a s i n g

Search the 'EDGAR' Archives, public SEC corporate financial records 19941999
US Securities and Exchange Commission

o f f i c i a l   d o c u m e n t s   ( a r c h i v a l )

THOR - The Online Resource
Guide to United States Federal Government Documents online.

Project MKULTRA, The CIA's Program of Research in Behaviorial Modification — Joint Hearing Before the Select Committee on Intelligence and the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources. US Senate, 95th Congress, 1st session. August 3, 1977

Linda Tripp Depositions Taken by Judicial Watch on Dec. 14, 1998; Jan. 6, 1999; Jan. 13, 1999; and Jan. 22, 1999.

Linda Tripp Depositions: Video


Chile and the United States Declassified Documents Relating to the Military Coup, 1970-1976 (National Security Archive)

National Security Archive's Electronic Briefing Books
Topical surveys of declassified documents and new releases within the archive.

e v e r y t h i n g   e l s e

Highly respected private, non-governmental archive devoted to unearthing and publishing as much of the secret history as possible. This site is itself a vast free archive of formerly top-secret documents about US covert warfare of all kinds.

An excellent site. Fun, diverse, timely, thorough, credible, and tons of weird documents.

"DISAPPEARING WITNESSES" by Penn Jones, Jr. (The Rebel, Nov. 22, 1983)

THE CIA at Serendipity

Under the Flag
A Documentary About the Lives of Real-Life Undercover Agents,
the new film by Richard Linklater (Slacker, Dazed & Confused).

g e n e r a l   a r c h i v e s

Topics on the National Security States of America — Understanding Special Operations The Kennedy Assassination The Clandestine Operations Business
rat haus reality 'Card Catalog'
Hierarchal Tree listing of all files.
Alphabetical Index of all files
Ratville Times
Free E-text books, complete transcripts


PinkNoiz Politics Archive

Real History Archives maintained by Lisa Pease


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CIA Publications
CIA: Studies in Intelligence
Declassified bones from the Agency's official journal.

Central Intelligence Agency Inspector General, Report of Investigation: Allegations of Connections Between CIA and the Contras in Cocaine Trafficking to the United States (96-0143-IG)
Volume I: The California Story (released January 29, 1998)
Volume II: The Contra Story (censored version, released October 8, 1998)