for By Sarah Louise Bassingthwaighte
for Copyright © 2002 by Sarah Louise Bassingthwaighte. All rights reserved.


List of Works by Diane Thome

Night Passage (1973)
for environmental theatre piece

The Golden Messengers (1985)
for large orchestra

Indra's Net (1989)
for orchestra

Celestial Canopy (1999)
for orchestra

Silver Deer (1982)
for violin and piano

Stepping Inward (1987)
for oboe / English horn, harp, guitar, mandolin, viola

Three Psalms (1979)
for baritone, mixed chorus, flute, harp, violin, viola, cello

Songs on Chinese Verses (1979)
for soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, viola, 3 percussion

The Yew Tree (1980)
for soprano, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, harp, violin, viola, cello, piano / celesta, percussion

Three Sonnets by Sri Aurobindo (1984)
for soprano and orchestra

Cassia Blossoms (1988)
for soprano, flute clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano

Lucent Flowers (1988)
for soprano, chamber orchestra

Pianismus (1983)
for piano

Polyvalence (1972)
for 6 players and computer

January Variations (1973)
for tape

Anais (1976)
for cello, piano, tape

Sunflower Space (1978)
for flute, piano, tape

Levadi (Alone) (1985)
for soprano and tape

Ringing, Stillness, Pearl Light (1988)
for piano and tape

The Ruins of the Heart (1990)
for soprano, orchestra, tape

Into Her Embrace: Musings on Savitri (1991)
for tape

Angels (1992)
(virtual reality artwork)
for computer

The Palaces of Memory (1993)
for large chamber orchestra, tape

Masks of Eternity (1994)
for computer

Unseen Buds (1996)
for mixed chorus, computer

Bright Air / Brilliant Fire (1997)
for flute, computer

UnfoldEntwine (1998)
for computer

Like a Seated Swan (1999)
for viola, computer-realized sound

Celestial Canopy (2000)
for orchestra

Through Amber (2001)
for clarinet, computer-realized sound

Alexander Boscovich Remembered (1978)
for violin, piano, tape

To Search the Spacious World (1978)
for viola, piano, tape

Winter Infinities (    )
for chamber ensemble, tape

Veils (    )
for solo tape

Fragrance of Orchids (2001)
part of "Klavier Nonette," the Trimpin Toy Piano Installation, Orange County

Estuaries of Enchantment (2002)
for oboe, computer-realized sound

Electroacoustic Music for the Flute by Sarah Louise Bassingthwaighte.
Copyright © 2002 by Sarah Louise Bassingthwaighte. All rights reserved.