By Sarah Louise Bassingthwaighte
Copyright © 2002 by Sarah Louise Bassingthwaighte. All rights reserved.


Selected List of Works by Mario Davidovsky

Electronic Study I (1961)
Tape alone

Electronic Study II (1962)
Tape alone

Electronic Study III (In Memoriam Edgard Varese) (1964)
Tape alone

Synchronisms No.1 (1962)
for Flute & Eectronic Sound

Synchronisms No.2 (1964)
for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello & Tape

Synchronisms No.3 (1964)
for Cello & Eectronic Sound

Synchronisms No.4 (1966)
for Chorus & Tape

Synchronisms No.5 (1969)
for 5 Percussion Players & Tape

Synchronisms No.6 (1970) — 1971 Pulitzer Prize winner
for Piano & Electronic Sound

Synchronisms No.7 (1974)
for Orchestra & Tape

Synchronisms No.8 (1974)
for Woodwind Quintet & Tape

Synchronisms No.9 (1988)
for Violin & Tape

Synchronisms No.10 (1992)
for Guitar & Tape

Inflexions (1965)
For 14 players (piccolo, flute, saxophones, percussion, piano, strings)

Chacona (1971)
For violin, cello, piano

Shir Ha-Shirim (Song of Songs) (1975)
cantata for four vocal soloists and large ensemble

String Trio (1982)
violin, viola, violoncello

Romancero (1983)
soprano, flute (piccolo, alto flute), clarinet (bass clarinet) violin and violoncello

Salvos (1986)
for flute, clarinet, harp, percussion, violin and cello

Quartetto (1987)
for flute, violin, viola and cello

Simple Dances I (1991)
for flute, percussion, piano and cello

Festino (1994)
guitar, viola, violoncello, contrabass

Flashbacks (1995)
flute (piccolo and alto flute), clarinet (bass clarinet) violin, violoncello, piano and percussion

Quartetto No. 2 (1996)
for oboe, violin, viola, violoncello

Concertante for String Quartet and Orchestra (1999)
For symphony orchestra

Simple Dances II (1999)
for flute, percussion, piano and cello

Quartetto No. 3 (2002)
for piano solo and string trio

Trio 2002 (in progress)
For saxophone, violin, piano

Electroacoustic Music for the Flute by Sarah Louise Bassingthwaighte.
Copyright © 2002 by Sarah Louise Bassingthwaighte. All rights reserved.