By Sarah Louise Bassingthwaighte
Copyright © 2002 by Sarah Louise Bassingthwaighte. All rights reserved.

Chapter XI


Electroacoustic music for flute is a vibrant and growing genre of electronic music. It consists of chamber music written for a live flutist and electronic sounds. The field of electronic music is more than a century old, and the earliest works for flute and electronics were written more than half a century ago. Today, there are hundreds of pieces written for solo flute and electronics, and these vary from those requiring no amplification of the flute and pre-recorded sounds to those utilizing complex live electronics and highly modified flute sounds.

Composers from all over the world have participated in this genre, and flutists, especially highly skilled professionals, are integrating this into their repertoire. The music varies in difficulty — there are pieces that are approachable by the intermediate level flutist as well as those that are extremely virtuosic — making an introduction to the genre possible even for less experienced players.

In this dissertation, I have attempted to give an overview of the genre and to discuss issues that flutists will need to contend with, to have a clear concept of what this is and why it is interesting to us. I have analyzed and presented five pieces in great detail, for my own enrichment as well as to bring some concepts to light for others. During these analyses, I had the great fortune to work with the composers, to learn of their inspirations and goals, to gain their feedback, share ideas, and to perform their works for them. I also have compiled a list of works in this genre, hopefully to the benefit of those wishing to program, perform, or simply learn more. In the process, I learned of and/or communicated with great many composers, flutists, interviewers, musicologists, scientists, and others that I had not expected to come across. The project has been an enormously exciting and enriching learning experience for me. I will continue to deepen my relationship with the music, ideas, sounds, instruments, and especially the people that I experience.

Electroacoustic Music for the Flute by Sarah Louise Bassingthwaighte.
Copyright © 2002 by Sarah Louise Bassingthwaighte. All rights reserved.